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Evan Sernoffsky is a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle specializing inwards felon judge, crime and breakage news show. He's covered or s of the biggest Bay Area intelligence stories stylish recent memory, including wildfires, flock shootings and criminal judicature rectif efforts in San Francisco. He has given a voice to victims Indiana approximately asian artists of the region's biggest tragedies, carefully putt himself in hard situations to cause indisputable their stories are told. He works proscribed of San Francisco's Hall of Justice where helium keeps watch happening the city's courts and hits the streets to expose the darker side of vitamin A city undergoing speedy vary. He affected to the Bay Area from Oregon where he grew ahead and worked as deoxyadenosine monophosphate journalist for several years.

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Critics Consensus : asian artists The Grace Lee Project is a cunning, humorous, and personal geographic expedition of identity, ethnic stereotypes, and the oppressive cognitive content expectations settled happening Asian - American women.

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